Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is my water/sewer bill so high?

A. There are several reasons your water/sewer bill may increase:

    1. An increase in the amount of gallons used (which may indicate a possible leak).  Filling pools, watering lawns, washing cars may also cause an increase in gallons used.
    2. An increase in the water/sewer rates
    3. A possible error in the meter reading.

Q. What do I have to do to get water/sewer service in my name?

A. You must personally come into the Business Office, located at 340 E.
Main Street, fill out an application for water/sewer service and pay a
$65.00 Security Deposit fee (water sewer – $65.00, sewer only – $38.00).
If the water has been disconnected, there will be $25.00 re-connect fee that
must be paid before water can be restored. If you have lived at another
location within the city and owe a past due balance on another account, that
past due balance must be paid before water can be put in your name.

Q. Why don’t I have water?

 A. There are several reasons that you may not have water.

    1. If you have a past due bill and have received a termination notice and this past due amount is not paid by the due date, your water will be terminated.
    2. If there has been a break in a main water line and line is being repaired, this can cause an interruption in water service. (check web page for details)
    3. Frozen water lines or frozen water meter due to extreme winter temperatures. If you think this may be the cause, you can call the business office at 304-822-5118 to have the meter checked for freezing.

Q. When should I receive a water/sewer bill?

A. You should always receive your water/sewer bill the 1st of each month, you
will have 20 days to pay before 10% penalty is added. If you do not receive
your bill, please contact the business office as soon as possible to avoid penalty charges.

Q. If the 20th falls on a weekend, will I have to late pay penalty?

 A. If the 20th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the following
business day will be considered the 20th and you will not be charged a

Q. How do I go about getting bulk water?

A. Bulk water is sold at the City of Romney Water Treatment Plant every day
between the hours of 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. You must call the water plant
in advance at 304-822-3639.

Q. When do I need a zoning permit?

 A. Zoning Permits are required for any new construction, additions, alterations,
demolitions, repairs, replacements to the exterior of the property.
Zoning Permits are available along with copies of the Planning Zoning Ordinance upon request at the business office.
Click here to refer to the city ordinances for zoning permits.

All permits must be approved before work can be started.

All permits must be displayed.

Sign Permits are also required for any sign placement.

Q. When do I need a Business License?

 A. If you operate any type of business in Romney or come to Romney to do any
type of business, you need a City of Romney Business License (applications
available here or at the business office).  Click here to refer to the city ordinances for operating business in Romney.